IM Browser Tutorial

First, we will build a map of interactions involving members of the Skp family of proteins.

When you start IM Browser the Query Form will appear.

(If you have closed the Query Form you can open it again from the main menu by selecting 'Add'->'Add Gene/Protein'.)

Alternatively, from the main menu select 'Add'->'New graph'

The query form has two steps.

Step 1 is to find your gene or protein of interest in a look-up table.

There are three different ways to do this: by searching a lookup table, loading genes from a list, or searching Flybase directly. You can also enter gene IDs (FBgn) directly in the white space. Here we will use the lookup table.

Click on the top button “Select genes/proteins from a lookup table”.

A new dialog box will appear.

In the pull-down menu select “Symbol”.

In the text area enter 'skp*'.

Note: Be sure to use the wild card '*' to find all of the Skp genes.

IM Browser will display a list of genes that satisfy your search criteria.

Select the genes of interest either by clicking on "Select All" or by clicking on individual check boxes.

Click “OK”.

Now we are back to the query form and ready for Step 2.

Note the message that says "6 gene/proteins added". These are the skp genes you found. You could conduct additional searches and the new genes will be added.

In step 2 you select the interaction tables to search. In the example, the three YTH tables are going to be searched.

Click OK.

The resulting graph consists of the interactions of Skp family genes found in tables "Curagen YTH", "Hybrigenics YTH" and "Finley YTH".


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