IM Browser Tutorial

This quick tutorial describes how to find a gene or protein, draw a map, and a few other basics. For more detailed instructions, please see the IM Browser Manual.

Starting IM Browser

When you click on Start IM Browser a web page will open and Java will start. If you do not have Java 1.5 or higher on your computer and enabled in your web browser, IM Browser will fail to start. If this happpens check here to test your browser and get instructions for enabling Java.

When Java starts you will see the message below. Click on Trust so that you will be able to use IM Browser to save interaction maps, tables of data, and queries to your computer. Since this will allow the applet to write to your computer hard drive (but only as you specify), Java believes you should be concerned about whether the applet is originating from a trusted source. To authenticate that we are in fact Wayne State University, we employ a Java Code Signing Certificate issued by the company Thawte. Details can be seen by clicking on Show Certificate. Note that if you click on Don't Trust, most features of IM Browser will still work, but you will not be able to save your work to your computer. Note also, if you click on Don't Trust, you may need to click on it several times before IM Browser continues


We appreciate your feedback. Please send comments or concerns about IM Browser to Lana Pacifico: lpacifico(at)